In a changing world, and in order to meet the demands of economic globalization and the globalization of culture, the International Sustainable Earth Alliance  (www.terre-citoyenne.org) in collaboration with social movements , public and private universities, research centers and others, have given place to create an international higher education called International University Terre Citoyenne (UITC).

The birth of UITC is the result of a process of accumulation of experience in training on four continents and implemented by social movements, researchers and universities participating in the Sustainable Earth Alliance since 1990. With the advent of the 21st century, this educational and knowledge capital has been constantly enriched by other institutions in various fields. Finally, 11 March 2011, the various institutions involved in this human adventure signed the "Valencia Declaration", the document establishing the UITC.

Participating institutions in the construction of UITC share the same view:

  • That orientation of current dizzying technological change aims neither happiness of people nor the future on the planet.
  • That millions of people around the world are demanding urgent changes not compatibles with the maintaining of the current model.
  • That we must think and act responsibly and manage our own lives and the lives of the world through new forms of understanding and transformation.
  • That traditional teaching systems are currently in crisis. These systems seem to be frozen in the operating models of the past and are isolated from social realities.
  • That the specialization and fragmentation of knowledge production no longer provide appropriate responses to the challenges of XXI century society, both politically and economically, socially and culturally.

The UITC is created as a space that offers citizenship experiences, teaching methods, teaching resources, exchanges and collective intelligence to address the need for transformation of a reality based on a single thought and in order to build a international community, supportive, responsible, caring and committed to the future of the planet.



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